Trends That a Hotelier Should Follow in the Year 2015


With 2015 in his footsteps, we take a look at some of the most important Trends of the year will prevail and will have an impact on the business of the small and large Hoteliers.

Advertising, Google will continue to play an important role in the recovery of Business

Real-time ads that pop-up every time when someone will ask to the Hotels to Google to continue on the strategy of the Hoteliers. In fact, Google has also decided to run some of the other promotional items and strategies for Hotels.

Tips: given the popularity of Google ads and all other channels, the Hotels have to guarantee your presence on Google+, Google places, Google Wallet, Google Maps, and just about everything in connection with Google.

Select the Budget, is an account in the Google Hotel Finder and participating in the Premium ads another tip to increase places booking directly.

Amazon, Amazon travel will present “” in January 2015 – the tools, the TripAdvisor reviews, to help people suitable Hotels. So Hotels need to a list of TripAdvisor, as soon as possible. To travel to the Start of the Amazon, in any case, it opens new doors of opportunities for small Hotels. Word is that Amazon also plans to launch other new channels for advertising and Cross-Selling opportunities for Hotels.

Instant booking will save you money and earn customers for Hoteliers

2014 trip connect PDA prevailed. But in the year 2015, a trip to the face will immediately book book Online Hotels. This allows users of a Hotel on TripAdvisor, which is loaded in the interface and the Hoteliers will be only after the user finishes the reservation.

Tip: Hotels should use this technique once on the market, because you will be able to save a lot of money and get more business.

The phone will continue to play an irreplaceable role in the restructuring of the marketing play

Mobile media ignore, of course, a large part of the non-target audience. Means the Hotels have to guarantee that your promotional E-Mails and Websites are compatible with Smartphones. In addition, Hotels need to an exclusive App for their Hotels, so that user a room, retrieve information, process payments, and almost everything to do what you want, the momentum of the Finger.

Tip: the Integration of the mobile strategy was more important than ever before. It would be better that the Hotel is also an application for the administration, together with the presence of applications for users.

Cloud technologies are at the peak of

The year 2015 will be a year in which most of the Hotels around the world, cloud technologies for a variety of reasons, such as management, yield management, review, assessment, and many others.

Tip: Hotels should take the cloud technology is a part of your Plan for 2015.

All of the above Trends are flexible and adaptable. It would be in the best interest of the government for the implementation of these Trends.


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