Small and Midsized Company 2016 Marketing Communications Forecasts


Now, you’ve probably seen the predictions 2016 “OK” year, with U.S. GDP growth of about 2.6 percent, the unemployment rate of 4.8%, wages growth at 2.7 percent, and increased volatility in the financial and political arenas.

Why should feel B2B, B2C or non-profit marketing yourself comfortable with this prospect? In fact, Chief Executive Magazine’s “Confidence Index” for next year is at the lowest level since June 2014.

Marketing Communications-Forecasts

With so many macro-strategic and tactical issues on the horizon, it’s hard to know where to start. But businesses and non-profit-marketers have to make decisions about their shops, so here’s my top check five predictions for you, as communication should be based on marketing next year

1. Current clients of the Agency-relations are at a very low level, and this will increase if you use an external marketing communications consultants for small and medium businesses.

Over time, the client lack of confidence in their bodies, combined with a large overlay gathered, led from major agencies, to weaken the relationship between customers and agencies. Not to explore as an example, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), which recently hired two consulting companies charges openly laid compensation in digital media streaming agencies. Much to the chagrin of American Association of Advertising Agencies, ANA without their participation.

Is it any wonder that it was/ is $30 billion a year report in 2015? Transparency is the new black.

2. Content marketing will become even more important than the marketing study, market research and data Analytics application to provide useful information to customers and potential customers. Further, when the number of people in the US to block advertising increased by 45 million euros in the second quarter of 2015 (up to 48% a year earlier), economic sustainability of digital media is under threat. Taken together, this provides a unique opportunity to inform customers, stakeholders and donors better when marketers will realize that you really want to know. Look before you jump.

3. How marketers collect, analyze and integrate data about customers and want to help you determine how well you achieve your marketing and profitable sales success. By 2017, 69% of marketers say they expect the data, most of their decisions (Gartner).

All agree that an enormous amount of data. That’s good news. The challenge is to know how to interpret it and communicate the status effects properly and efficiently. Without these competencies, the whole marketing communications ROI is just a fancy name.

4. In 2016, with the dominant advertising media, many small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations, the price will be from organizations that are difficult to maintain and/or afford a media and marketing tactical achievements. Next year, according to Advertising Age estimates that media account for 54% of the costs, while other marketing services-account for 46 percent.

In particular, direct marketing, according to forecasts, due to a third of all spending, followed by the television with 23 percent, with 15 percent digital, plus Newspapers and sponsorship, respectively, at six percent. More than ever, to be flexible and the media should be neutral, first priority.

5. Despite the seemingly daily addition of new online-appearance marketing tactics, human relations, which become really important. The explosion of digital tactics is a unique opportunity for effective fame and to initiate a dialogue created. However, it also left a lot of mess in its path.

If you want to close if you have sales, you can resort to the “old” method of face-to-face relations. In fact, almost eight out of ten B2B and B2C marketers use in-person events, that’s why. It is important to understand employees, a category and a belief in the product can offer, quality, sincerity and emotional connection that is missing in most digital dialogues. Employees can automakers is not only a significant Ambassador and feedback can also be an important source of clients. Don’t be afraid to use them.

There are many other areas, the forecast is worthy of discussion – including mobile, native advertising, baby Boomer vs. millennials, internal communications, ROI-measurement, video, etc., etc. – but I believe that the forecasts mentioned above, significantly influence not only on 2016, but in the subsequent years. Then the question arises, what to do.

Marketing Communications Consultants-Add-Value

With all the changes that will be forced in the coming years, consumers, buyers, and donors, more aware and more challenging, and even more careful how you spend your money. Rapid changes in technology have “always on” media. And a recent study by Forrester Research reported that more than a third of marketers currently feel overwhelmed by the change.

I think 2016 is people, not technology or the media or the trademark or business. In almost all organizations, but especially in small and medium-loving, people are not comfortable stretched to the limit, and/or just know about the background or in the tray to handle marketing communications-the challenges of 2016.

To clarify this, an increasing number of for profit and non-profit organizations must develop partnerships with established and senior Advisor, and, if necessary, to implement ROI oriented programs. Look at people with wide and industrial experience of the brand, in organizations large and small. Openness should bloom. Looking to make your future better than the past.


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