Is the American Dream Still Alive?


The information age was recorded for some of the leading economists in the world as the greatest Revolution since the industrial era, and it will be more millionaires in the next 10 years than at any other time in history This paradigm shift in the fast-paced Business landscape, many are leaving behind, such as information technology, the progress is faster, than what the people adapt to the retrain.

If you already own a business or work in a company and experiencing some financial setbacks beyond their control, because the business changes. With the maximization of your profits through the trip abroad and the outsourcing of jobs abroad is because labor and resources are cheap with less taxes for foreign corporations. This is the American dream? Absolutely not. If the, what was now easier for the creation of wealth than any other time in history. It is only a question, to be flexible enough to understand what is happening, a paradigm shift, you must create, position, and riding on the wave of possibilities of the information age.

Only clever entrepreneurs have this global Trend, and the next wave of millionaires. This is similar to what happened during the transition period between the agricultural Revolution and the industrial age. The farmers could not believe that the car replaced the horse. What about those farmers that do not want to believe, and they position themselves? They left you behind. Then he took 300 000 farmers produce 3 million farmers, where produce for the promotion of machinery and equipment. After all, the peasants, not fit left behind and become extinct like the dinosaurs.

The same thing happened with the mechanics, such as fuel injectors, carburetor replaced. The mechanics who do not want to retrain and invest in new computer equipment had to close their shops. Therefore, if you are wondering what is happening in the current Position or a traditional business, to understand that the business landscape in front of a global shift of paradigm in the information highway.

There are a lot of people are struggling now with the question of whether you want to go back to school and retraining or not. You do not even know that the relearning for. Unemployment reached the highest, and small businesses, where 80% of the work forces of the monopolies has begin to fade stronger франчайзов, companies and Internet wholesalers and distributors, and directly to the public. There was a time when the distribution chain from the manufacturer, the Jobber, the dealer and the consumer has been complied with. Those days are gone. Now manufacturers the possibilities of the Internet want to use for the delivery of goods to the consumer door step. How many jobs do you think will be lost if you cut out the whole middle of the face from the pictures?

So, what to do, such as personality, to be successful in this crazy world, with a speed of lighting? First and foremost, you should make its traditional way of thinking and attitude, how to make money. If you do not remove the traditional veil, you have the money, what I recommend to you no sense. You go back to the traditional habit of thinking, that it was all a fraud and all my money, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. This type of images, thoughts, that the air conditioning have broken in people, if you don’t want to come out of their traditional thinking. It is just a good excuse to not justify, to take why you to massive action, to the unexplored waters. It is the fear of the unknown, which is chasing you.

Human nature loves change. Change is very painful, and most people try to avoid the growth of change. You will feel like fish out of water, if you go through a time of change in life. He feels uncomfortable, until you finally break this Plateau and create a new comfort zone. It’s funny how if you have a new comfort Zone, as you never want to come back. To write whether you are after the word you have to learn on the Computer? To change something in life, you should be ready to change. If you keep doing the same things again and again, you get the same results.

The good news is that America is still the Land of unlimited possibilities, and most of the Internet Marketing companies that provide such opportunities for the creation of financial freedom were born here in America. The American dream is still alive, but only for intelligent Business people who are willing to Crossover and be the next breed of farmers. I call them the farmers on the Internet. Actually, Paul Zane Pilzer, a world renowned economist, explains in his latest book the next millionaires, why the U.S. millionaires doubled in the 1990s, as the economy is now creating one Million millionaires a year from 2006-2016, and how ordinary people can be one of them.

He explains in Detail why the 21st century. Century known as the century of the entrepreneur, and as you claim to be one of those 10 million millionaires-especially if you are in direct selling, technology, home business, distribution of products, or new trillion-Dollar industry, such as:. He explains how the old models exists the possibility of physical Distribution in new opportunities in the smart distribution, is defined as educating people about products or services that you did not know. And Pilzer was based on 33 years of experience as an entrepreneur and employer, it explains how your past, to find their place in the new economy and your ticket to one of the next millionaires

If you are currently in a transitional phase in your life and are looking for, then you make the first step, to have an open mind to all the facts about how to earn $250к ++ per year is a part of the time on your Laptop without a current job, profession or business.


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