Is Mobile Telematics Technology Promising for Auto Insurance?


In a time when an accident you have to be the cause for the death of millions of check driving behavior through Mobile technologies.

According to the who, 1.25 million people die in accidents due to traffic. Anyone who thinks that clashes is the seventh leading cause of death in the world. There you have the panic button on the face of these figures? What training is required to reduce the risk of occurrence or an accident? Let us deeper.

According to BOB jop, Goos, Chairman of the International organization for the prevention of road traffic more than 90% of the accidents are accidents, “human error.” The error of the people is all about driving behavior, isn’t it? Now, if it is so necessary, driver for indicators to improve the driving and make driving safer. This is due to the fact that he his insurance without the expenses for the damages incurred. They went so far, let us go into the technical aspects of improving the way of driving. In addition, let us also consider whether you need to pay pay fixed Premium ” or “Pay-as-you-go” or ” as you drive on car insurance.

A man in the US state of Alabama to pay $1500 per year on average. We assume that a Person lives in a city, paying $1500, where he is inclined to more accidents in relation to a Person, lives in a suburb of paid the same amount, where there is less likelihood of accidents. Commuter drive is simple compared with driving in the cities. Remember, the drivers, the city is less than a Kilometer to ride, in comparison to a driver, the more CDs. The city is prone to driver more accidents. On the other hand, commuters, drivers are inclined to a still greater wear and tear of his vehicle. If fixed premium, which makes it of both drivers, such as sense? Now, if you give the possibility to choose between the following:

• Fixed premium annually
• Based on the use of insurance Administration (SBA), which is a Pay-per-use

What do you choose? Everyone wants to be cost-effective; no one wants to lose. Therefore, most likely, will choose the second Option. All the more reason for Mobile customers. Customers can download the Mobile App on phones to track their driving licence data. Assessment of the risk-it is simply the mobile App of telematics. Risk assessment, such as driving in peak hours, hours, the following rules of the road or not, Parking without problems, the speed of movement, etc. D., and take the necessary precautions in the future with the help of the tips the App on your mobile device.

Digital technologies will increase the possibilities for the insurer as they paid for the drive () insurance, pay how you drive (PHYD) by the customer. How will this affect the insurance industry? This is another area of discussion.

Mobile telematics technology integrated with technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS), Mobile technologies, cloud Computing and Big data Analytics, in which the driver uses the data to improve your driving behavior. As a result, the accident reduced rate. The Mobile application provides information about the strong brakes are applied, the quick acceleration, the types of traffic rules, driving smoothness, steer, telephone, traffic alerts, speed and mileage etc. In addition, the insurer are able to offer personalized services and attract new customers by reducing the delays in the processing. Club advantage of the improvement of the driving behavior on the basis of the use of the insurance. It will certainly receive support from the state, but also of the company.

We should be more understanding? Companies in search of performance, the government wants productive citizens. No one wants to hurt their productive or to be a burden. It is in this context, there is a Chance, where insurance companies, businesses, and government can work together to reduce risk performance. The behavior of the drivers is the main cause of traffic accidents. Technology of mobile telematics has the potential to improve the actuator, reducing the risks of accidents and the working process is not disturbed.

Technology of mobile telematics, has also its influence on the automotive industry. As we all know, luxury brands have built-in telematics, small brands, extra charge for car electronics accessories. The data from the Blackbox technology, the push to increase the value of the car. In this case, the Mobile telematics technologies lowers the cost for the technology Integration with the Integration of technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS), Mobile technologies, cloud Computing and Big data Analytics on Smartphones. The advantage of the owner of the vehicle.

In the time when the mortality due to accidents are in the seventh world government, insurers, entrepreneurs and the General public, Mobile technologies, the hope is to reduce the risks. Canada takes the insurance telematics in Canada in 2016, at 28, 29. April at the Double Tree by Hilton, Toronto. In the previous year, in 2015, 43% of the insurance companies took part in the event. This year the event took place intersects car transportation and insurance expect more participation in the Brainstorming.


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