High Tech Trends to Dominate in 2016


As technology and customer behavior are constantly changing, so marketers need to adjust accordingly. For 2016, the marketer needs to think outside the box and stay the usual channels, the front. Here are the top 6 marketing trends to dominate in the coming year.

Video ads are becoming more popular

More and more users becoming stronger in video advertising on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Bing. The study of Some media 61% found the video, viewers were happy to view ads in exchange for free content. According to a report by Business Insider, video ad revenue of $reach almost 5 billion in 2016. It’s only $2.8 in 2013 were almost doubled in 3 years. Video ads have an average click-through-rate from 1.84%. This is higher than the average for other formats. With video ads, enterprise, good to see the interaction of their brands, products or services.

The beauty of the app

The application is expected to replace the web sites. Apps are more intuitive, convenient and affordable. Merchant and product marketers profit from a better interaction with content via apps. The most well-known application program with bonuses for gift card Shopkick. For companies, search the market the device is place on one of the clients mobile app really needs to do, choosing clients and saves you time.

Mobile dominates on the desktop

This year, Google announced that took the mobile desktop traffic in 10 different countries. Here are some statistics that mobile Internet users are:

99.5% access content/information
63.1% access the Internet
62.1% E-Mail Access
49.2% listen to music
46% play
41% download apps
15% online purchases
15% read books
As more consumers conduct local search on mobile advertisers increased spending on local mobile advertising campaigns. eMarketer expects mobile lifting outdated for desktop US search ad dollars this year from $8.72 billion $12.85 billion.

Optimization of information to Siri and Cortana

The rise of digital assistants to lead to a new method of optimization. Companies must ensure that their information may be readily available for the auxiliary forces. Marketing chiefs need to assess the new, to influence the market like these, and sell. Digital masters have the opportunity to “opt-in” pull-approach ” exchange only relevant information for the purposes.

Life in Virtual reality

Dozens of different virtual reality devices are planned for several years. This should bring you to integrate all new social media platforms. One of the great marketers uses virtual reality to convince the customers with the experience of having to physically visit the place or event. For example, in the beginning of this year North Face favorites to save the virtual reality experience Manhattan. The audience learned, trips to the climbing and base-jumping with virtual reality. The aim was that the interest of buyers via outer products, and then for those who are looking for customers to purchase company products for your next outdoor adventure.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technologies are paving new paths in 2016. These devices change the landscape of local marketing and to blur the boundaries of online marketing and “real” marketing. 20% of American adults own a wearable device, and this is expected to increase in the coming years. A study by Jupiter Research predicts that spending on wearable technology is about $19 billion by 2018. With this expected growth of this marketing technology, new marketing techniques must adapt to reach customers and potential customers. It will be called ‘convenience marketing.’ Wearable marketers need to create a comprehensive impression of the whole network of wearable devices.


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