Empowering Rural Electrification With Solar Funding


Rural communities in developing countries lack access to modern forms of energy. The world Bank is financing governments through the local village banks forms to achieve very good network, people, credit for the purchase of renewable energy systems.

Despite the development of technologies and the declining cost of solar systems, the cost per watt peak, the rural community’s disposable income will not allow you to buy these systems. On the other hand renewable energy sources in the vending business who have no possibility of credit from the system to your customers faced due to limited cash flow broblems these companies. These companies also have credit recovery mechanism, decent pay for the installed systems. Thus, the result was that rural electrification was possible.

Now people can go to rural communities, to your local banks or village micro-credit banks, apply for solar-credit and to develop appropriate plans for their individual income, which can be checked simply by staff of microfinance institutions. Then micro financial institutions to sign the aggrement with the governments rural electrification agency (REA) and machines. Micro financial institutions will allow you to order using the vending companies for the total number of systems required of its members. And machines company go ahead for the supply and installation of solar systems for the customer is determined.

The role of the 3 sides

1. To provide the REA, the quality of the system from the manufacturer provided and to do an energy audit on any system, and the government subsday successful compleetion order in the vending firm.
2. SACCO, allowing to determine the end user-the customer who needs a solar system to determine your ability to pay on the loan, extension of credit and to make sure you get a quality solar system. Suitable for idendify the machines of solar.
3. Solar-vending-business to ensure the quality of supplies of the solar system, install it and now, she is in immaculate condition and collection of payment through saccos and subsdy of governmet after successful installation.

Rural communities supported with solar home systems (SHS). But everyone SACCO off-grid renewable Village power supply Systems, the supply of the entire village.

The following possible advantages of such a system.

1. Community projects such as water pumps, community hall, tele-centre, clinics, Internet cafes, etc.
2. Excess energy will be sold to the national grid when renewable energy system is in the vicinity of the lattice.
3. A higher level of security for food
4. Small factory and process equipment for the benefit of the village and as a money generation activity.
5. Biogas generator, bio-fuel stove. The lantern and the production of soap from glycerin acts as an incentive for people to grow jatropha as a cash bio fuel crop.

Bio-fuel-production – the use of jatropha Next generation sustainable fuel.

What is bio-diesel?

HOW volatile the middle East is still on the global supply of oil, countries such as Uganda strangulation on the import of fuel oil costs. Crude oil prices touched $100 this, combined with unpredictable and rising dollar exchange rate (last month a high-dollar course means Sh230, 000) per barrel this year and rise to $150 (Sh345, 000) mark in two years.

To achieve the constantly growing and unpredictable and oil prices and a volatile USD to drive in many countries to search for alternative energy independence. It enhances research and enhances the development of biofuels, which is considered the most reliable alternative energy.

The production of biodiesel from jatropha-Carcus, commonly known as ” Ekiloowa, has many advantages. Ekiloowa known in Uganda and is often used as a support for vines of vanilla and sometimes as a hedge.
Jatropha, a drought – resistant perennial crop with more than 40 years of service life, Europhobiaceace member of the family. Its seed oil can income higher 37% not edible.

One kilogram of seed produces 200ml of oil. Each tree makes a pound of seeds which can each year at the beginning and as it grows, it is up to 6kg. In the country 1acre you can jatropha plant 1,000 trees in halls 2mts interval.

Global biodiesel, as expected, the market is growing by 37 billion liters in 2016, at an average annual rate of 42%.

Lankveld noted that the development of fossil fuels direct and convincing response to developing countries offers to produce in the tropics and to deliver global energy market and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the fight against climate change.

Our company has a demonstration project on the shores of lake Victoria. Supply renewable energy products and biofuels.

The company is not referring to the new plantations to source their raw materials. Extract instead, it will begin buying jatropha nuts already available plants This year I want to collect about 10,000 pounds of seeds of the vanilla farmers in the districts of Mukono, between Kayunga, Jinja, Iganga, and Bugiri Kamuli you expect, 3,300 litters oil company farm also plant about 40 acres (about 60 000 trees) jatropha in new land that we purchased.

The project also farmers give high quality jatropha seeds to increase crop output in the future. Rather than the creation of large plantations, which the company to promote jatropha as a means of diversification for farmers, facilitating their integration, in addition millet, sorghum or corn, and the revival of those that were abandoned, because it is from disappointment in the vanilla market and the use as a material for fencing their holdings.

We believe in small, decentralized biodiesel processing equipment, where it is to transport local production to minimize the jatropha nuts. We also believe that the sale of the plant-oil furnace the assistance of a local farmer with jatropha and other oilseeds, primarily, to prepare as a fuel source for your kitchen, and later a commercial cash crop enterprise. we also sell a small hand-mill oil to extract so you can create your own butter for home use.

The first test runs of the Uganda electronics and computer industries AG, a small off-grid and renewable energy, biodiesel equipment produced in November 2010. But starting in October we met-3 seminars in the areas, collecting seeds, selling furnaces and oil refining.

The UN special reporter on the right to food recently jatropha as a bio-fuel recommended-cereals for the development of the country. Jatropha was recommended because of its high non-edible oil content during pregnancy, and a growing ability on degraded soils.

Is the need for developing countries to invest in bio-fuel production, to change because of climate change, which obliged all forces policy for the worst.

Uganda can Excel in bio – diesel production, as most people derive their income from agriculture. Jatropha has enormous potential to reduce poverty and improve health. A farmer can earn up to $250 (sh427, 500) annually with a 1km hedge of jatropha.

Long-Term Potential

Speaking about the longer term potential of bio-diesel, the realities of the biodiesel markets, a successful biodiesel business plan begins with an effective feedstock strategy from the design process flows. Bio-diesel long-term business relationship opportunity to draw attention to the critical issue of availability of right feedstock at the right cost.

Jatropha substances will be an excellent source of organic fuels and is a key to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Jatropha can also have significant environmental benefits. It may jet fuel and fossil fuels from the oil companies to replace, with food, plants or something to the clearing of the forest. The good thing about jatropha is that they produce a tree shrub that lives for a long time and does its work. Oil, while it also releases a lot of carbon from the atmosphere. Jatropha is a multipurpose crop is removed, soil degradation, desertification and deforestation, which can be used to substitute for bio-energy, petrol, fuel, wood and soap-making and climate and therefore deserves special attention. Jatropha can help to increase rural incomes, self-sufficiency and poverty reduction.


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