Digital Transformation – Digitalization: High Tech or Human Touch?


It is a fact that is fully understood and realized, among the leaders in most major industries around the world and it: How digital technology is stopping, all the things that we know so far.

Digitization occurs at the moment the main source of powerful transformation in various aspects of our lives. Digitization is a new connection for citizens, politicians, societies and governments. It provides unlimited opportunities to create value for the company, although if not done carefully, it is also a risk.

It was discussed a lot and analyzed, is quite specific economic or social effects of digitization phenomenon, the issues is growing, and competition is greater, while important issues only appear during the process of digital transformation.

But through all these processes I would like to specify what urgent matter and the most important factor in all these bum: Who the operator at the machine? Who are the enterprise orientation of augmented and virtual reality gadgets? Who is behind all these digital conversion show? What some economists from the EU business school name: United production costs of, say, people, we, you and I are talking.

Some major figures around the world from different cultures, I should not reign say superhuman, made during the questions of our internal and external nature. Great philosophers agree that modern humanity’s evolutionary status that the mere intellect, nothing more, nothing much. Intelligence allows us to go in, addition, unexpected in the material world. This helped us progress in many areas of thought from the materialistic point of view, to say that the experiment our feelings as a motivation that comes from outside: the object and the subject. However, paradoxically it seems, we perpetuate our dependence on devices and reduces the natural abilities that we are born with which we in many cases spiritually lazy and act like slaves of these devices. Otherwise, can someone explain to me do you know how to form thoughts or how we can main a profound change in our personality is built-in to live? Statistics show a very poor projection so far.

The exponential growth that defines most of the scenarios we really live, can help us understand all of this material phenomenon. The universal laws of physics point of view, to restrain our feelings and way of existence. Therefore, the exponential growth in releases are unlimited possibilities for graphics, virtual reality, holographic reality or astral reality. If the computer speed continuously increases its speed, and comes in fantastic or sci-Fi computers or devices. CPU- “basic components of the computer Central processor or CPU is called for short. The CPU is a very small piece of silicon and is often called a silicon chip or processor chip. This tiny piece of the brain of the computer meets the car engine”-double speed all eighteen months following Moore’s law, the rule of thumb in the technology industry. Thus, the computer will know how we, 2025 will, as a rule, more than 70 times faster than it is now in 2016. Photonics (“the industry of technology, discusses the features and transmission of photons, for example, fiber optic”), says more data, which come from the fiber-optic cable and higher speed data transmission is increasing more than twice the rates for all nine months.

Meanwhile, as an exercise, the analysis has changed customer expectations, cultural transformation, outdated regulations and identify and access the right skills and competences – to name just a few. These problems must be solved to unlock industrial and government leaders significant benefits of the digital society and industry. To enhance performance, provides a set of tools for working with complaints, health problems, among other things, in the other hand, also decreases our intellectual coefficient does not allow to use analytical judgment or ability to show our personality makes us fall apart sometimes too much ego or self (Internet I) the danger and make us lose the vision of a holistic life.

After posting on the controversy about the real value the person behind the equipment, we always want to emphasize very clearly that the technology is useful. The technique is beautiful. Nothing more than this: “the word technology comes from two Greek words, transliterated techne and logos. Techne means art, skill, craft, or method, method or means, through one-point win… So literally technology-these are the words or discourse about things has won.”

Against the background of these preconditions in mind, many recommendations can be given, but as a whole host of information to help-established industry leaders can apply in their efforts to proper a / d conversion of this-not only in business but also in groups such as families, students, social organisms, etc.:

Place the human factor, about which everything and nothing. They have a solid ground, human resources in the company’s philosophy.

Quiet moments, regular moments of deliberate silence (this is different from sleep), from all kinds of technical devices. Turn everything on while you in these moments, the systematic silence. If the group, the better it is urgently recommended to do this puts the individual as the individual of the spiritual world, the collective peacekeeping. It starts with each of us! Regularity is recommended twice a day, I hope, 30 mns.

Started practicing meditation twice a day. 30 mns. in the morning, 30 mns. in the second half of the day. Meditation is the creation of new neurons, increases gray matter of the brain to enhance brain communication. It makes us smarter. Intelligence means not only high IQ. Meditation increases immune function and reduces pain. Meditation reduces inflammation of the cellular aspect. Meditation reduces stress, depression and fear.

Training one of the members how to breathe properly don’t know (most people like to breathe, although they have noses!).

Start with a workout that you eat. Yes, you are what you eat. The purer the food is, the more intelligent is our intelligence. Food goes into the blood. The blood nourishes our brain and the whole system.

The creation of a new digital culture consist, each, shareholders, stakeholders etc

Start your search and identification, development, and later the introduction of new digital business models.

Building a successful corporate venturing enterprises within the enterprise is required.

Every aspect of the operations is again checked.

The use of information and the right figures thrust should be part of a new culture. It also includes investments in safety.

To build a high rate digital workforce

Companies that want to thrive to go to the digital enterprise need over the naked use of new technologies just for this. What is digital enterprise, a long-time provides a competitive advantage to its culture, strategy and operational to forget, ever, to make sure you are in your new digital business models is always that these two things employees are doing as a single cost of production and the customer as the center of all that is. All lights must be in place!


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