Chief Technical Officer, Digital Director & Delicious FOOD!?


According to the REK of the industry £28Б costs to rent in the circulation, and it is not a coincidence.

Intelligent, professional-staff adviser to learn through digital and disruptive Innovation on a daily Basis. We support people in their quest to find a match for the daily work satisfaction, long term stability and vehicle, your purpose in life.

“The careful method, to obtain a reliable result,” former chief highlighted somehow. If we spend 70-80% of our time as Business analysts, taxes, the Problem of ideology as a consultant, scientific suitable candidate, and the process as a project Manager, the Rest is easy for our customers. We translate the ideals of the culture and the behaviour of the games for both sides needs to be conducive to 3-5 years property or more extensions of the contractor and высокопродуктивной Teams. I’m sure we all know that the best customer experience comes from organizations with happy people.

Imagine how it is when we are served with beautifully prepared, cooked and presented dishes that appeal to all our emotions? The same sense be called the candidates suitable for their Business-and Business is suitable for your Engagement…

Another quote From a former boss, “Knowledge is power!” I agree to a certain extent, and I understand why our customers are interested in more and more of our knowledge on the eyes. In contrast to your previous experience you see the value in our processes, knowledge and empathy with a meeting in real life and a deeper relationship. Power comes with experience, and should know that we are not responsible for the information we have to offer.

The man turned to me as a “teacher who supports and helps to change”.

Sounds like the Definition of a personnel consultant? He does for me… and for many of my clients, some of which date back to the year 2001. One of the biggest compliments I guess if the customers have to say… “you are in a natural way. Well done!”

There are many advantages to store services that have a positive impact on both candidates and clients, however, this is not always necessary. The quality of the recruiters is the development of the relations to Marketing and technological capabilities on a regular Basis, often with the salutation, confidential, and so often the original services, you can be on a quota, there is no reason to take risks.

The report under the title “Exodus” Job Trends 2016, and article, Robin Winter claims to stop 49% of the people want to, your work this year. Some of the older talent that we have, showed a higher loyalty to the existing company, but it is time for you to new pastures.

A typical example is the CEO / CTO is with the rapid development in the last 15 years, quickly a Software developer in the Management and the leading role of the company in the creation of innovative digital technologies and products to global corporate clients in the field of production of digital Assets, advertising, Marketing and Branding domain. Excellent technical and interpersonal skills with Management and technical specialists “Council of Europe” of the new organization to join, which in itself is a huge Talent attraction, cost savings, and productivity.

A group of professional digital marketing Manager background with a Multi-Channel Online site Team, consisting of strategy, UX, product, and Software development. Theoretically develops and implements a range of innovative digital solutions, with many years of experience in книгоиздании, media, data Exploration segments in the last 15 years. A wide range of benefits of economic growth to 20-30% improvements or cost savings, both for end-user brand and Digital Agency employees.

Both candidates London-oriented, and less interested in whether you contract, such as job satisfaction, culture, and perspectives, are the next opportunity is constant or Interim-important.

If one of these profiles sound, are not like you, you seem to be alone.

Simply put, a good recruitment consultant can provide training to your best ways to lead to a productive result, and play an important role in the overview of the positive experiences of each store productivity in work and Life Balance. You are not “a Job” for you… it’s all for you!

Some of the useful tips that I can share, trust your Intuition, if you decisions on career and try to change the existing Situation before we find ourselves on the page.


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