Best in Class Employers – How Employer Brands Will Create Competitive Advantage in the New Economy


We all have read about the change in the demographic Trends and emerging labour shortages, but it seems that only a few know about its potential impact. The data show that we are on the brink of employment 9/11, and many employers are not at all ready for it.

In the past, innovative products and services, the drivers for long-term growth of income. In our opinion, there are four developing Trends in the field of employment, which is in the totality of the predetermined breaking point in the labour market, and the consequence is an undisputed competitive advantage for companies that invest to one of the best employers in the class:

1. The change of the demographic Situation – according to the U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics, 40% of the executives are entitled to a pension up to the year 2012. Up to the year 2016, the projected deficit of 3 million American workers. The result of baby boomers with the work is no less than extraordinary. With growth rates for workers aged 30-44 on the decline, there will be a void of experienced managers, the traditional Pool for middle Management-Bank. Immigration policy is at least uncertain, but the prospects for more stringent rules is a real challenge.

2. Health care costs – the most recent surveys show that healthcare is now on the American an interest (the passage of the war in Iraq). The average contribution of the employees of the health system increased by 85% in the last 6 years. At the current rate of Inflation of medical care, in about the year 2020, the Finance cost for the employer in full, the medical services of an employee whose salary exceed. Currently, Starbucks operates more money for the medical treatment, as the coffee beans.

3. Globalization, even our small customers will have the distribution around the world, with offices and factories in remote locations around the world. The work of the Pool is in constant motion, with professionals from Asia to South America, after receipt of the expertise in the areas of Engineering, computer science, and other skilled positions.

4. The need for Balance between work and private life – and Hyper-competition put enormous pressure on typical employee in the United States, and falling margins led to a decline in jobs, to do which means less people and more work. The average travel time in US cities, more than 25 minutes in one direction and much more, in some urban areas. The average father in the United States spend 4 minutes per day in meaningful interaction with the children. 65% of employees are overweight. In consequence of the in the world, political unrest and terrorism, the Americans are your priorities and desires change more time at home with their families and have style a great interest in maintaining a healthy life.

These factors have the witches ‘ brew, with the maximum demand for Talent (especially Talent Management) in the next 10 years. The companies are obliged to keep to the older employees more and pay for their salaries and expensive health care. 3 of 4-speculators do not believe that you have to spend the traditional “pension”. This is an unusual transition to unconventional role of these workers as consultants and contractors. There is the pressure on the legislature to loosen the rules against independent contractor.

Well-trained workers, such as MVA is required. Speculators have a difficult time with respect to x, Y and millennials, who had, in their opinion, lazy and self-centered. The reality is that young workers think differently about work than her Generation to replace. The average worker between 55 and 64 years have the powers to 9.3 years, while the average worker is 25-34 average age of 2.9 years. Young workers have more opportunities in technology than their older colleagues.

The employer must recognize a fundamental change in the demand and supply of labour and new social Trends, the influence on the behavior of the employees. In the eyes of the employees, since language skills for employment is a complex decision process that takes into account many variables, such as payment -on the way to work, safety at work, social benefits, and upward mobility. This needs to change, and to therefore take into account a job offer to the individual needs, but not in the one-size-fits-all approach to compensation, benefits, and office.

Although the concept of the best in the class, and the development of the employer brand in the fashion, it is certainly not new. TOP 100 companies to work for in the lists of fashion. Our research shows that many of these companies exceed necessarily in relation to benefits or compensation and in the creation of a stimulating Situation with the work. #2 in the list of Fortune magazine in 2006, Wegman in the regional food network in the Northern part of the state of New York. If Wegman’s opening a business, far from their headquarters, the entire staff flew to Rochester to meet personally with the Director General and support staff. This increased to the important office of business head cheese flew to Italy, to cheese.

If Wal*Mart had it on the surface of Wegman’s market, they had a hard time, share, partly because, according to J. D. Power, Wegman was the highest score of customer satisfaction for each network of food shops in the country. Companies such as Вегмана and Southwest Airlines ratio clear the lever effect of the employment relationship as a driver for competitive advantage.

Better buy, is leading the charge to “results-orientation working conditions” (ROE), in which employees are not working hours, any premises assigned, and work how you think it is right are involved, in the HQ in Minneapolis. The only criterion, according to which employees evaluated their real-world business results. Performance gains were so unusual, that it is better, in today’s time, a wonderful step-Test program Rowe takes in their trading transactions. More than 45% of the global workforce of the company, IBM is a “virtual”, many to work at home or at the customer. With rising energy prices, and HQ Overhead, obviously looking for a more efficient way of working and our digital, the Laptop, PDA, broadcast the world gives us more flexibility to work, as we want than ever before. In the conditions when the results of the activities of King, the Manager should be more concerned about the results and worry less about the arbitrary application of the rules of work. Satisfaction with the work among the people, working at home is 76% compared to 56% for the employee.

Peanut butter approach to services is wrong in the face of our new individualism. In order to ensure that the same package of services, a 25-year-old man and a 45-year-old single mother is not wasted paid lavishly for the employer (some, but not to be used) and less useful for the employees. Flexible defined benefit plans give employees the opportunity, the benefits that are identical to their individual circumstances.

For years, the company is the creation of complex CRM (customer relationship Management) programmes, so that the individual needs of the customer. The same thinking is applicable to workers in order to increase the Chance that they will maintain and preserve. As a customer, documented that the cost of the loss of work force could be as high as 200% of his annual salary, and the average turnover in the amount of 17% and climbing; withholding tax you’ll be the metrics for each organization in the New Economy.


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