6 Ways to Use Technology That Everyone Has to Increase Connection and Participation At Meetings


Continue reading how to meet, become easily accessible formats (face-to-face, streaming video, Skype, mobile applications) for all types of participants, we are building looking more towards technology, commitment and interest for our meeting.

It is obvious that our new model for gatherings in the next ten years as we cover the head in the direction 2020 of face-to-face, virtual live broadcast, post-meeting access through mobile technologies and social relations pre-meeting, meeting and mail.

We can’t discuss-see technology meeting without who makes ‘that’ technique, but then look how to improve the technology that we all have access to participate and significance of our meeting.

According to New Media Trend Watch 2011, Gen y’s quarter covers almost the entire U.S. population and are evenly distributed between men and women. Less than six out of ten Caucasian, and except for children under the age of 18, Gen Y ‘ s most ethnically and racially diverse generation in the history of the country.
Almost all members of this age group are online, and almost as many social media users. Gen y’s ahead of the curve that almost all digital metric: online video advertising, mobile Internet, mobile Commerce and location-based-services.

Key figures-American consumers aged 18-34:
– Internet users: 91% of the population in 2011 / 94% until 2015
– Social network users: 86% of Internet users in 2011 / 89% until 2013
Online video viewers: 84% of Internet users in 2011 and 90% by 2015
– Mobile Internet users: 62% of mobile users by 2011 / 76% from 2015

For the rest of the population of the study show that Gen X and the first successes are increasing the use of tablets such as the IPad, the Internet and the integration of mobile web pages is at least something slower proliferation as Gen Y.

So, that’s what we see almost every person who attends the sessions. using smart phone like IPhone, Android or Blackberry We can also assume that you continue working with device text, Internet, email, and instant messages.

If we know that we already have access to these items, as we can use them to increase connection and participation in meetings?

Here are some ways we can use the tools we already have:

1. Build your own social network hub Meeting, either through Facebook, or use the service as I to connect with others, specifically in your industry, or even those who are specifically participating in the meeting.

2. Create an application for your meeting with the gaming component of the meeting scheduler I have worked with recently have created an Amazing race for all participants, where all the links were to read through the text and part of the duties that with a smartphone, the answers.

3. Your request as technology to enhance their participation in the meetings. Text-to-screen technology, as Wiffitti allows the participants to introduce themselves with the contents of the dynamics, issues, and become part of the program.

4. Every smartphone has video functionality – create a contest for participants to capture your best photos from the event, during the conference, and then you will get a message that the photo is in a Central text number – then these photos will be uploaded and can be shared at the end of the conference and the prize for best photography.

5. This next idea depends on its privacy, but also to gather in addition to publish E-Mail contacts to participate in conferences and publish their cell phone numbers so students could each other a text during the conference, but also for subsequent post-conference marketing.

6. Create a portal for the queries that you wrote to all registered conference participants. They call it “request-line’ and basically it is a dedicated text number where people can make certain requirements, and these requirements are SMS wrote to all the participants for response.

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